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water denitrification MW013

water denitrification MW013
Product Detailed

SKHZYE-MW013 contains various of microorganisms,specially applied in waste water treatment especially for denitrification.


Special Product for Denitrification Treatment in Waste Water



SKHZYE-MW013 contains various of selected microorganisms, is our superior product specially applied in waste water treatment and bioremediation. It is suitable to aerobic treatment system and can be widely used in wastewater treatment of urban domestic, slaughterhouse, coking, tannery, and waste leachate, etc.


Appearance:  tan liquid

Odor:       the aromatic odor

Storage:     cool and dry place

Emergency Treatment: avoid massive inhalation, wash hands after use.

Scope of Application:

PH: 6.0 - 8.0    optimum conditions pH = 7.0

Temperature:    10°C -45°C  optimum temperature 20°C - 30°C

Bacteria Count: 1 × 109 / g  


It has significantly effective in the process of ammonia nitrogen removal of sewage treatment facilities, crashed system recovery, and improving the handling ability to nitration system in cold seasons.


Unique Bacteria Formula+ Biological Reinforcer+ Micronutrient

a. Effectively degrade and absorb ammonia nitrogen.

b. Improve nitrating efficiency; Keep the long-time stability of nitration effects.

c.Play useful buffer function to high ammonia nitrogen wastewater, and assist other microorganisms to adapt to the waste water environment.

d.Recover quickly from the mess conditions of denitrification led by impact load and sudden factors.

e.Greatly improve the treatment result for poor systems in ammonia nitrogen removal.

f.Improve the handling ability to nitration system in winter. Decrease the effects of low temperature to nitration.

Dosage: According to the experiment proposal.

Package: 2L/drum, 6drum/box.


For different conditions of wastewater treatment, please contact with our technical representatives to obtain more information.


Sukahan (Weifang) Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. will assist our customers to use the product correctly.


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