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Biological bacteria for cellulose/agricultural materials

Biological bacteria for cellulose/agricultural materials
Product Detailed

SUKAAgri-C3008/C rapidly degrade the organic materials in industrial, municipal and agricultural materials.

Bio-organic Fertilizer

Biology + Technology = Harvest



The product chooses livestock dejection, crops straw and other agricultural waste, adding highly active function strains, trace elements and active substances the plants required, adopting high and new technology. Compared with other fertilizers’ effect, this product, a natural fertilizer, has five features of long residual action, tenderness, nutrient preserving capability, resiliency and harmlessness, widely applied to all kinds of food crops, vegetables, fruits and legumes, tea, flowers, tobacco and other economic crops. It is the first choice of producing organic food, green food, which can improve the output and quality of the agricultural products, increasing peasants’ income, having good economic benefits.



Appearance:    Brown, tawny mealy or grainy. No mechanical impurities.

General Nutrient:N+P2O5+K2O≥4.0%, 6.0%, 8.0%, 12.0%

Organic:        ≥30%

Moisture Content: ≤20%

PH Value:      5.5-8.0



The product has features of stable performance, good resiliency, long shelf life and manorial effect life.Decompose the low absorbable organic compounds, supplement soil organic matter, and adjust the soil PH value.Promote reproduction of the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, improve soil aggregate, and recover soil vitality.Promote the synthesis of phytoenzyme, improve the nutrition absorption capability of plant, and promote plant growth.Produce antibiotics inhibiting crop pest, enhance the ability of against drought, cold-resistant and waterlogging.Ease the harm caused by pesticide, fertilizer residue and heavy metal ions, improve the quality and increase production.


APPLICATION GUIDE AND REFERENCE DOSAGE: taking NPK more than 4% for an example

Vegetables, tea, flowers and other crops: broadcast distribution the fertilizer before sowing seeds or transplanting, ,1300-1500 kg/acre.. (33-38packs)The rootstock and melon crops: broadcast distribution the fertilizer 3 days before sowing seeds or transplanting, 1200-1500 kg/acre. (32-38packs)Fruit trees: broadcast distribution the fertilizer around the trees 15-20 cm, 1-2 kg per tree.Cane crops: broadcast the fertilizer in the cane groove when sowing seeds, and then cover the soil, 900-1200 kg/acre.. (23-30 packs)According to the different soil and crop varieties, fertilizing amount should be adjusted appropriate, and considered additional fertilizer.


l          Bio-organic Fertilizer is packed as 40 kg per box or film lined woven bag.

l          Alternative packaging is available upon request for smaller or larger volumes.



This product inoculates beneficial bacterium, please stir the fertilizer and soil, or irrigating after soil covering.Fertilizer should be placed in dry and wet places, avoid moist. In the transportation, dampproof, sun-proof and breakage-proof should be avoided.



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