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Special Composting Agent for Chicken Raising on Fermentation Bed

Special Composting Agent for Chicken Raising on Fermentation Bed
Product Detailed

SUKAFEED CCL (liquid) and SUKAFEED CCP (powder), it can improve the quality of chicken, value and yield, reduce feeding cost.


SUKAFEED CCL (liquid) and SUKAFEED CCP (powder), special composting agent for chicken raising on fermentation bed, are composed by 80 kinds of microorganisms. This product is a new type of micro-ecology activity bacteria, without any hormones and antibiotics components, without any side effects. Compared with the general biological agents, it has the features of green pollution free, energy conservation and environmental protection, fermentation stability, quick in temperature rise, good effect of deodorizing, stable performance, safe and reliable, complete functions, suitable for chicken raising on fermentation bed. Above all, it can improve the quality of chicken and eggs, value and yield, reduce feeding cost.


Variety of beneficial microorganisms combined in the same state, forming a complex and stable micro-ecosystem. Then produce antioxidants, remove oxidized material, eliminate the corruptions, inhibit pathogenic bacteria, forming a sound environment suitable for the growth of livestock. At the same time, it also produces a large number of beneficial substances easily absorption for the livestock, such as amino acids, organic acids, polysaccharides, various vitamins, enzymes, promoting growth factors, antibiotics and anti-viral substances to enhance chickens immune function and healthy growth.There are a large number of micro-organisms in henhouse. If there is more malignant bacteria, chickens will be sick. Added this product to padding, it will grow and reproduct massively, effectively inhibit the activity of harmful micro-organisms, inhibit proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, eliminate rapid corruption of organic matter, reducing the disadvantages caused by the non-decomposed organics. Besides, it also reduces the ammonia and other harmful gases, eliminating odor of chicken manure and urine and reducing the respiratory disease. This product can convert the immature organic matters into effective nutrients for livestock, produce the activity substances to promote cell division. Mycoprotein produced in the fermentation process is essential nutrients to animals.


l   It is a microbial product, green pollution-free, clean and no pollution, protecting the ecological environment.

l   It does not contain any hormones and antibiotics, improving quality of chicken and eggs, value and yield;

l   Enhance livestock resilience, reduce disease and improve economic benefit;

l   Rising temperature through fermentation, saving henhouse heating energy and reduce the production cost of chicken;

l   Save water and labor, lower the chicken production cost.


This product has two parts and has to match usage. Strictly prohibit add this product into feed and drinking water for chicken.

SUKAFEED CCP: fermentation bed material = 1:2000 (weight ratio)

SUKAFEED CCL: fermentation bed material = 1:1000 (weight ratio)

Grind the padding materials of fermentation bed and well-mixed with SUKAFEED CCP in proportion, then put them on the fermentation bed for composting for 7 days. According to the material humidity, dilute SUKAFEED CCL and spray on the fermentation bed evenly. The raw material was wet but no water if gripping is better. After 7 days composting, you can put in the chicken-embryo vaccine.

Take 200 m2 of fermentation bed for an example, if the thickness is 40-50 cm, it needs 50 tons of padding and 25 kg of SUKAFEED CCP, 25 bottles of SUKAFEED CCL (50L).

Remove the ineffective padding on the surface, supplement clean sawdust, and spray the SUKAFEED CCL in proportion of 2 bottles per 100 m2 for each batch of chicken.


Bacteria Count     SUKAFEED CCL    ≥3×108 CFU/ml

                          SUKAFEED CCP    ≥3×108 CFU/g

Appearance      SUKAFEED CCL    brown liquid

                          SUKAFEED CCP   brown powder

Odor               Slight fermentation odor

pH                    3.5±0.2


l   Liquid  2L/drum or 25 L/plastic drum

l   Powder 1 kg/ plastic package, 20 kg /box

l   Alternative packaging is available upon request for smaller or larger volumes.


It is suitable for stored in a cool and well-ventilated place, not frozen.


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