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Feed Prebiotics SUKAFeed CML

Feed Prebiotics SUKAFeed CML
Product Detailed

SUKAFeed CML Feed Prebiotic is suitable for various industry of breeding poultry production


Feed Prebiotics (Used for Poultry Drinking Water)


Product introduction:

SUKAFeed CML Feed Prebiotic (Used for Poultry Drinking Water),including 5 sections and 80 microorganism such as the components of photosynthesis bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, actinomyces and Yeast group series and filamentous fungi. With complex structure, stable performance, functional advantages compared with general biological agent, SUKAFeed CML Feed Prebiotic is suitable for various industry of breeding poultry production. This product is a new kind of microbial active agent, which is safe and reliable in breeding industry without any hormone ingredients and side-effects. This products are widely used nowadays and provide a feasible choice in developing green agriculture, zoology stock breeding and human health which are concerned increasingly today.


Working Mechanism:

Many beneficial microorganisms combine in the same state to form a complex and stable ecosystem. Generate the antioxidants, remove oxidation materials, eliminate corruption and restrain the pathogenic bacteria to form a good environment for the growth of livestock. At the same time, it also can produce large beneficial materials which are easy to absorption by poultry, such as amino acid mucopolysaccharide, organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, growth gene, antibiotics and anti-virus material to enhance the immune functions of poultry.

There are a lot of microorganisms in the body of poultry, if the malignant bacteria prevailed and the livestock will sick, this product can reproduce in massive in the digestive tract and form a nutrition factory, which can provide nutrients for the host animals and keep the ecological balance of animal intestines to improve the immunity and reduce the ammonia and the odor of animal feces. This lactic acid bacterium in the product can intake photosynthetic bacteria and carbohydrate to form lactic acid which has ability of strong sterilization and restrain the activity of harmful microorganism effectively and decompose the organism rapidly. Lactic acid bacteria can decompose the cellulose and lignin which are not easy to decompose in common, and eliminate the malpractices which are caused by the undecomposed organism, play an important role in fermentation of organism decomposition. The product can revert the organism which does not become thoroughly decomposed into effective nutrient. Lactic acid bacteria also can inhibit the proliferation of pathogens. The Yeast group series can produce activeness to promote the cell division by fermentation with the amino acid and organism materials, and also can provide nutrition safeguard to the production of microbial multiplication because the single cell protein produced by the Yeast is the necessary nutrition for animals.



Low cost for production

Enhance resilience of the poultry, increase the yield and improve economic benefit.

Microbial products without chemical substances, non-pollution, health and protect the ecological environment.


Use Method and dosage:

Drink the dilute or feed the fermentation

The dilute shall be prepared 500 times with best effect

The feedstuff which is fermented shall be added in the proportion of 5-30%

Spray the breeding sites with 1000 times diluents to improve the environment and reduce bacteria and odor.



Bacterial count: ≥3×108 CFU/ml

     Appearance: dark brown liquid

     Odor: slight fermented flavor

PH:            3.5±0.2

This product is also has solid preparation to supply and the number of bacteria is 3 x 108 CFU per gram with brown color.




Liquid preparation: 2 liters per plastic containers or 25 liters per plastic drum

Solid preparation: 1 kg per plastic bags or 20 kg per box or 20 kg per polywoven bag.

Also, product package can be supplied according to your demand.



Technical Service:

Sukahan (Weifang) Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd. will assist our customers to use the product correctly.

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