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Toilet cleanser SUKAClean T/C

Toilet cleanser SUKAClean T/C
Product Detailed

Toilet cleanser can be applied to affect a radical cure to clog of pipelines in the toilet as well as odors.


SUKAClean-T/C Toilet Cleanser



This product is the microbial products with variety of activity digestive enzyme, which can be applied to affect a radical cure to clog of pipelines in the toilet caused by organic materials and returns flavor.


SUKAClean T/C toilet cleaner is composite bacterium which is formulated with various beneficial bacteria in nature and many kinds of microbial enzymes by modern microorganism technology. The product can digest and dissolve organic waste (grease, hair, waste paper, food particles, and blood and cotton substance), but can not digest and dissolve the inorganic substance like plastic, rubber and metal. The products can not calorific, smoke and boiling which is not like chemical products, so as to avoid damaging and erosion to the pipelines as well as facilities.



SUKAClean-T/C containes a blend of bacteria and enzymes such as Bacillus subtilies, Polymyxa, Aapergillus, Nocardia, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase and other useful bacterias and some nutrient element.

Appearance:   Tan powder

Odor:            Slight sweet-smelling

PH Range:     6.0-8.0, optimum 7.0

Temperature:   10-70, Optimum: 25-65

Density:       430520kg/m3 

Humidity:      ≤6.5%    

Microbial Content: 2×108 /g



Microorganism is animate live organism, which shall eat organic substance and complete the metabolism of them by swallow food and convert the organic substance to water, carbon dioxide and trace minerals. They can complete the cleaning through digest and dissolve organic waste.

There are billions of bacteria in each gram of SUKAClean T/C toilet cleaner and will be activated in 30 minutes when it is mixed with water. Each bacterium can swallow the waste that the weight is the same with that of itself in every minute and will be multiply twice every 30 minutes. They hide themselves to organic waste to swallow day and night and never stop to work, until all of the organic wastes are completed dissolved. At this time, because of lack of food, the microorganism will disappear after swallow each other.




SUKAClean T/C toilet cleaner is 100% safe to human beings. The pollution will be swallowed by microorganism to decompose into carbon dioxide, water and trace minerals, which is the real environmental protection products and can not cause the second pollution to environment.

The special chosen microbes in SUKAClean T/C toilet cleaner can decompose the substance which can produce effluvial odor. The direct and rapid effect is to eliminate the source of bad odors.

Put or spray the diluted SUKAClean T/C into pipeline or pollution sources without any mechanical equipment and electrical device when encounter the pollutions, which will solve the problems automatically, effective and thoroughly.



SUKAClean T/C toilet cleaner is not like chemical products without any smoke, boiling and sharp flavor, which is different from inconvenience caused by operating of mechanical pollution cleaning. There are sewage adhere to the pipelines to make some blocking to produce peculiar smell as pipelines drain contamination all the year.

The chemical product can only make effect to the bottom and the blockings in the pipelines and can open parts of channels. If there is water to wash out, the products will be flush away and produce secondary pollution.

SUKAClean T/C toilet cleaner hide itself in the pollution to swallow and breeding and fill up all the length and inner of the pipeline. The activity of the products has long-term effect to all the pollution and also can eliminate them thoroughly, which can not make secondary pollution and damage to human beings.


Our fundamental advantages: economic, safe and environmental protection.

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