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Deodorization & Decontamination Biological Product

Deodorization & Decontamination Biological Product
Product Detailed

1.Type: Drain Cleaners
2.Shape: Powder
3.Microbial Content:: 0.2 billion/g
4.pH Range: 6.0 to 8.0, with optimum at 7.0

Deodorization&Decontamination Biological Product


SUKAClean GN is a blend of bacteria and enzymes. The bacteria are natural, not genetically-engineered. The enzyme concentration is the most powerful on the market. SUKAClean GN can change the protein, grease, oil, toilet roll, residue of food and other organic waste into water and CO2. It is poupular in the market.


SUKAClean GN containes a blend of bacteria and enzymes such as Bacillus subtilies,Polymyxa, Aapergillus,Nocardia, protease, Lipase, Cellulase and other useful bacterias and some nutrient element. 

Appearance:                    Tan powder

Odor:                        Slight sweet-smelling

Solubility:                     Miscible with water

PH(optimum) :                        PH=7

Density:                      430—520kg/m3 

Humidity:                         ≤15%    

Bacteria count: 1Billion/gram total spore count. Bacteria: Bacillus subtilis50%, Polymyxa10%, Aapergillus10%, Nocardia5% and other useful bacterias.

ACtivity:  protease          50,000 u/g

                Lipase           10,000 u/g

                 Cellulase         100,000 u/g

How to Use It

SUKAClean GN should be mixed with warm (not hot) water and applied when no water will be drained for six to eight hours. This allows some of the bacteria time to embed themselves into the waste so they won’t be washed out when water is drained again. Complete instructions are inside each container.

Periodic maintenance treatments prevent new organic waste build-up, so no more slow drains or clogs!

What Are Some Of The Other Uses For SUKAClean GN?

All types of waste plumbing pipes

Septic systems

Garbage disposal odors

Grease Traps

Sewage ejector sumps

Outdoor privies and vaults

RV & boat holding tanks

Cat litter pans


Most septic systems in operation today are not functioning well. The tanks need pumping frequently because of solids build up. All too often the fields stop absorbing water prematurely. The number one reason is the vast array of household chemicals which either inhibit or kill biological action. The coliform bacteria normally present in sewage are in to way equal to present day demands. They are used to warm body temperatures and are poor enzyme producers. They cannot handle synthetic materials present in detergents even under the best conditions.

SUKAClean GN contains not only potent enzymes, but also contins bacteria that outperform the coliform species in very important ways. They are high producers of enzymes and they are acclimated so that they feed on a larger variety of materials in the waste such as fats and grease, vegetable oil, paper , detergents, fabric softeners, aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds as well as synthetic organics, People on a septic system must select their cleaning products very carefully (See Question and Answers).

Garbage disposals

Odors come from waste that sticks to the disposal wall and slowly molds and rots. It is hurled there by the high speed rotating blades. By following SUKAClean GN instruction this waste will quickly digest thus eliminating the odor.

Grease Traps

Cleaning out a grease trap is the worst of jobs in a food service operation. After the horrible odorous muck is removesd it still has to be disposed of. Unfortunately, we are running out of landfills to put it in. SUKAClean GN will digest the grease, eliminating the unwanted task as well as the disposal of the pollutant. Of course, the grease trap must be large enough to accomplish two things. The flow of water though the trap must be  1) slowed and 2) cooled, so that the oils and fats can rise and be retained between the baffles while the water continues on down the sewer. Also, a garbage disposal should never discharge into a grease trap. If these criteria are met, daily treatment of the pot sink will maintain the digestive action. By reducing the number of times the trap needs to be pumped, a significant cost savings will result.

RV & Boat Holding Tanks

As the waste water level increases in the tank some scum adheres to the sides and sensor. When the tank is drained, more scum is deposited. With continued use, this coating becomes odorous. It is additional weight and reduces tank capacity. There is no large access to the tank and the build-up is so difficult and time consuming to remove that replacing the tank is often less expensive!

RVer’s using chemicals in their tank are also encountering a new problem. An increasing number of dump stations will not accept chemically treated waste. This is because waste water treatment plants do not want this chemical toxicity in their plants, so they charge dump sations large fines.

If SUKAClean GN is used from the beginning, a tank will drain cleanly including the sensor, if there is one. Using SUKAClean GN in a tank previously treated with chemicals will take larger does and some time to overcome the toxicity. It will, however, remove the old build up. Waste from tanks treated with SUKAClean GN is accepted anywhere because it is biologically active.

The UItimate Benefits Are Economy, Safety and Environmental

The SUKAClean GN method is the only method that can prevent organic accumulation in the pluming. The very small amount required for periodic maintenance is a pittance when compared to the inconvenience and expense of dealing with an odorous “backed up” system. Liability or safety is never a worry with SUKAClean GN as it is so safe, even a child can apply it. Likewise SUKAClean GN is not harmful to pets nor marine life and since its action is natural, it enhances Nature’s ability to cope with man’s pollution.

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